Contracting and Financing of European Union Funded Programs Department

Marko Jovanović - Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2548

Contracting and Financing of European Union Funded Programs Department performs tasks related to: financial management of IPA agreements; planning, preparation, quality control and implementation of tender procedures in accordance with the rules for the implementation of public procurement of the European Union, i.e. the Practical Guide on Contract Procedures for European Union External Action (hereinafter: PRAG), the Twinning Manual and the Manual for Framework Agreements; signing contracts for IPA funded projects on behalf of the Republic of Serbia; implementation and management of contracts and control of performance of contractual liabilities; planning the need for funds and payment to contractors; controls over all tasks delegated to end users of projects; ensuring the functioning of the reporting and information system; providing advisory assistance to other state administration bodies within the decentralized/indirect management of European Union funds in the Republic of Serbia in relation to regulations, rules and procedures for the implementation of the tender procedure and the management of IPA funded contracts; legal affairs within IPA; control body for the conducting first-level control for IPA funded projects within the shared management system; coordination of horizontal activities within IPA; management of irregularities and establishment of a system for monitoring the execution of recommendations and corrective measures; internal control of projects within IPA; participation in the processes related to professional development of civil servants in the Sector, as well as other tasks within its jurisdiction.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Contracting and Financing of European Union Funded Programs Department: 

1. Tender Preparation and Project and Contract Management Division
2. Division for Bid Evaluation Procedure Organization and Contracting
3. Financial Management, Financial Control and Accounting Division
4. Quality Control Division
5. Division for Horizontal Activities Coordination within IPA
6. Division for Conducting First-Level Control of IPA Projects
7. Division for Internal Control of Projects, Irregularities and Legal Issues within IPA   


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