Budget Department

Darko Komnenić – Assistant Minister

Tel: + 381 11 765 2135
+ 381 11 765 2136 

Budget Department performs normative and research and analytic work on the preparation and drafting of laws and other regulations governing the republic budget, budget system, system of public revenues and public expenditures, system of financing local authorities, system of financing political activities; performs tasks regarding preparing and drafting the budget law of the Republic of Serbia and participates in the drafting of laws and other regulations that govern the use of the national budget funds, the budget of local authorities and the funds of organizations for mandatory social insurance; plans and prepares the rebalancing of the budget of the Republic of Serbia; plans and prepares decisions on giving consent to rebalancing financial plans of organizations for mandatory social insurance and decisions on temporary financing; performs the tasks regarding drafting of instructions and procedures for the preparation of budgets and financial plans of budget users and decisions on granting consent to the financial plans of mandatory social insurance organizations; performs normative tasks related to the drafting of regulations relevant for the budget execution; analyses proposals for financial plans of budget users and proposes levels of appropriations by users and types of expenditures of the national budget; gives instructions and monitors the preparation of the program section of the budget at all levels of government; analyses the expenditures of the national budget users; manages the information system for preparing the budget of the Republic of Serbia; analyses the revenues and expenditures of the budget of local authorities and reports on the implementation of the budget of local authorities; participates in the adoption of regulations determining the elements for salary calculation and coordinates the activities of competent ministries in the adoption of these regulations; participates in the social dialogue with representative trade unions of the state administration and institutions in the field of public services, gives opinions on draft laws, regulations and acts under the competence of the Department, as well as other ministries that require the engagement of budget funds and mandatory social insurance organizations; creates databases, performs other tasks related to editing and implementing the budget system and budget policy; public procurement; participation in the processes related to professional development of civil servants in the Sector.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Budget Department:

1. Republic of Serbia Budget Division
2. Budget System and Local Government Financing System Division
3. Salary Financing System Group


The Secretariat

Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department

Fiscal System Department