Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department

Milica Jovanović – Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2085

Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department performs research and analytical work related to: preparation and creation of the Fiscal Strategy for the next three-year period, in accordance with the Budget System Law; participation in the preparation and drafting of the Economic Reform Program (Part I) and other documents from this area required in the EU accession process; preparation of the analyses of macroeconomic and fiscal trends and policies; preparation and development of macroeconomic models as a basis for the creation of long-term projections of macroeconomic and fiscal aggregates; preparation of medium-term projections of macroeconomic and fiscal aggregates and indicators; preparation of short-term (quarterly and monthly) projections of macroeconomic and fiscal indicators; preparation of the Public Finance Bulletin in Serbian and English; determination of macroeconomic and fiscal assumptions for creating the budget; making projections of public revenues, public expenditures and total fiscal deficit/surplus; creation of the consolidated budget of the general state; analysis of macroeconomic and fiscal effects of legal and other normative acts and economic and fiscal policy measures; preparation of regular reports for the purposes of the Government and international financial organizations on current economic and fiscal trends; preparation of reports in the field of fiscal statistics in accordance with international and European standards; proposing measures of interest for achieving the goals of the adopted economic and fiscal policy; participation in the revision and preparation of reports on the implementation of the National Program for European Integration, in the parts related to macroeconomic stability, economic and fiscal policy; preparation of expert opinions regarding the regulations and strategies of the ministries in the scope related to macroeconomic policies, public finances and fiscal implications; preparation of material for publication on the Ministry's website; participation in negotiations with international economic and financial organizations on issues within the scope of work of the Department and the Ministry; technical and technological preparation for taking over tasks of coordination and management of the European Union's own funds in accordance with the liabilities arising from the Accession Negotiations and subsequently full membership in the European Union, tasks regarding the establishment of administrative capacities, creating procedures, defining and creating the necessary databases; creating simulations of preliminary payment calculations; calculation, collection and control of the European Union's own funds; making projections of payments of own funds to the European Union budget; tasks regarding coordination, cooperation and reporting to the European Union in connection with own funds; contact and reporting to the European Commission; tasks regarding the adjustment of the system in accordance with changes in the legal acquis of the European Union; participation in the processes related to professional development of civil servants in the Sector, as well as other tasks in this area.   

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department:

1. Macroeconomic and Projection Analyses Division
2. Fiscal Analyses and Projections Division
3. Coordination and Management of European Union Funds Group


The Secretariat

Budget Department

Fiscal System Department