Financial System Department

Ognjen Popović - Assistant Minister
Tel: +381 11 765 2334

Financial System Department performs normative, research and analytical and administrative tasks related to: preparation of laws and other regulations governing the dinar and foreign currency payment system; banking system; bank privatization; rehabilitation, bankruptcy and liquidation of banks and insurance companies; tasks related to monitoring the work of management bodies in banks and insurance companies whose shareholder is the Republic of Serbia, their business results, as well as organizing and implementing the procedure for selling shares in those; the conditions under which the bank deposit protection system is prescribed; non-banking financial institutions; promissory note and check; default interest rates; life and non-life insurance, tasks related to the bank loans insurance in accordance with economic policy priorities (housing loans insurance), voluntary pension funds and pension plans; privatization of insurance companies; accounting and auditing; securities and capital market system; establishment and effectuation of extrajudicial mortgage as means of security and collection of receivables; real estate appraiser job; conducting proceedings and issuing decisions in the first-instance proceedings regarding the regulations under the competence of the Department; monitoring and harmonizing regulations in the field of the financial system with the standards of international organizations, international agreements and conventions, as well as other tasks related to the regulation, application and effects of systems and policies of the domestic and international payment system and payment transactions, banking, non-banking financial institutions, securities , insurance, accounting and auditing; participation in the processes related to professional development of civil servants in the Sector.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Financial System Department:

1. Accounting and Auditing Unit
2. Securities and Capital Market Group
3. Banking Division
4. Insurance and Real Estate Group
5. Payment System and Non-Banking Financial Institution Group


The Secretariat

Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department

Budget Department