Public Debt Administration

The Public Debt Administration is an administrative authority within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, having the role in the public finance system of ensuring liquidity of the state and supporting governmental bodies, public enterprises and other state institutions in financing projects having the public importance.

The Public Debt Administration is the holder of public debt policy, presenting one of the most important branches of macroeconomic policy and having stabilisation and development function.

The activities of Public Debt Administration have been regulated by the Law on Budget System, Law on Budget of the Republic of Serbia and other laws and by-laws.

The Public Debt Administration performs tasks related to: borrowing on the financial market aimed at covering budget deficit of the Republic of Serbia and financing projects having the public importance, through the issuance of government securities and contracting loan agreements, issuing guarantees in favour of public enterprises, governmental agencies and local self-government units, public debt proceeds management, execution of public debt service, recording and reporting, preparing public debt management strategy, as well as other obligations in accordance with the Law.

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